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Domaine Fregate Rosé Bandol
(Provence, France) -- Reg. $29.99 | Mixed Case $23.99 -- Summer raspberries, white hillside flowers, minerality… a classic Provence with distinction.

... includes mixed cases!
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07.11.2017  New World Wine | Argentine Varietals - Not Just Malbec

On the spectrum of New World wine country (i.e., Australia, New Zealand, South America, South Africa & the United States), it is not necessarily a time punch card as it is so much a style of wine. Argentina has the classic fruit driven, higher alcohol wines with mild outlining characteristics of New World wine. As the fifth LARGEST producer of wine in the world, what defines Argentinian wine varietal history? Layers of migration and the cultures that brought varietals to Argentina, as well as the investment in South American wines over the last thirty years.

A story of wine is not without cultures immigrating with vines. Truly, no different than that of Grenache vs Garnatxa from France to Spain and then back and forth again as the Moors battled. Yet Argentina is overseas, continents and mountains, and it is a saga in which varietals that lasted tell a story for each New World wine region. Argentina... the immediate thought is Malbec.

That resurrected varietal from the famous six used for Bordeaux red blends made a 1990's debut and killed it. Bordeaux, France, may produce wines with a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Malbec and Carménère. Malbec is otherwise known in Cahors, France; however it is unctuous, inky, tannic... like a 1800's sailor fresh from the sea but not 'refreshed' yet. (Still amazing in my opinion...) Malbec in Argentina is anything but that- it is plush with ripe plums, macerated cherries, black raspberries then layered with cocoa nibs, herbs, sometimes a hint of crushed green peppercorn. Not a surprise that the masses would devour that?! But that is not the only varietal that Argentina is successful with. These other varietals are perhaps not internationally renowned out of Argentina but definitely worth seeking out.  READ MORE >>

Cheers!  Jaci

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Domaine Fregate Rosé Bandol
(Provence, France) -- Reg. $29.99 | Mixed Case $23.99 -- Summer raspberries, white hillside flowers, minerality… a classic Provence with distinction.

... includes mixed cases!

Santa Lucia Vermentino (Marema Italy) -- Reg. $17.99 | INSIDER $16.99 | Mixed Case $13.59 -- Complex! Think Sauvignon Blanc- grassy- citrus- fresh with a kick of nut oil. Delicious, round, food wine.

... includes mixed cases!

Château Moulin de Launay Entre-Deux-Mers (Bordeaux, France) -- Reg. $15.99 | Mixed Case $12.72 -- Lime peel, fresh citrus, subtle salinity with minerality and elegance.
... includes mixed cases!

St. Innocent 2012 Pinot Noir 
(Willamette Valley, Oregon) -- Reg.  | Mixed Case  --92 pts Vinous / Antonio Galloni - "Limpid ruby-red. Tightly focused cherry and black raspberry scents open up with air and are complicated by notes of cola, allspice and dried rose. Sappy, mineral-tinged bitter cherry and floral pastille flavors show very good focus and pick up a hint of smokiness with air. Fleshes out slowly on the persistent floral finish, which features youthfully chewy tannin Ratings Key>

... includes mixed cases!

Louise Dubois "1885" Pinot Noir
(Vin de France, France) -- Reg. $12.99 | Mixed Case $9.59 --  Plums and summer cherries mingle with soft tannins and simple baking spice notes.

... includes mixed cases!

Durigutti Cabernet Franc (Mendoza, Argentina) -- Reg. $16.99  | Mixed Case $13.59 -- "Intense dark red color.  To the nose, spices and smoked aromas, chocolate and vanilla.  Buttery tannins with ripeness and strength in the palate. " --Jens  ...Who's Jens?

... includes mixed cases!

Yo-Ho Brewing Yona Yona Ale (Otai, Saku city, Nagano, Japan)  --$5.89 12 fl oz -- Yona Yona Ale is the flagship ale,translating to “Night after Night” in Japanese "with a hope that people would enjoy our ale night after night". It has won gold medals at the International Beer Competition for 8 years in a row. " Pale ale is a medium bodied American Pale Ale with generous amount of cascade hops. Citrus flavor from premium cascade hops and well-balanced bitterness and sweetness are its main character."

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