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Wine Club

This wine club is for our customers who want to explore the world of wine, but on a budget.  The wine club features 2 bottles totaling $25 to $30/month (plus tax/packaging/shipping if applicable).  Again, we will travel through the world of wine, hunting for delicious table wines (primarily red wines,
but white & rosé when they are seasonal) representing interesting regions, winemakers and varietals found throughout the wine producing world.

Check out our Portalis Explores! Blog for the wines included in this club.

Join the Wine Club

Here's the administrative nitty gritty:
•  shipped on the second Tuesday of the month (or you can opt to pick up your wine
   at the shop)
•  credit card billed monthly a couple days before the shipping date
•  tasting notes emailed on ship date (or soon thereafter)
•  start/stop as you please (just email or call prior to the monthly shipping date)
•  you must be 21 years or older to join the club and receive your wine shipment

Events at Portalis
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This week's 
tasting schedule:
Dec 5    Celebratory Wines for Winter
Dec 6    Food+Wine // LATKES
Dec 7    Holiday Port Tasting
Dec 8    Gift Wines from the Old World
Dec 9    Super Tuscans
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