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Seasonal Recipes from Chef Tracey: Buffalo Burgers                 

I am a big fan of the classic American hamburger, and with the Fourth of July coming up, this is a fun twist: a Buffalo Burger! Sam and I have enjoyed them several times this summer, and they are delicious! Ground bison is a nice change of pace to the classic beef burger. Bison is less fatty and has a light gaminess to it. It's also super juicy. Follow my instructions below for a crunchy, crusty burger outside, with a pink, juicy middle. You should be able to find ground bison at most grocery stores. Often it's in the fresh section in the little square vac-packs. If not, check the frozen section. It will still make a tasty burger. 

Pat out the patties and then lay them on a piece of paper towel. Cover them on top with another piece of paper towel, and let the paper towels absorb some of the moisture from the meat. (This will make the outside crunchy when you grill your burgers!) Remove the paper towel and season with cracked pepper & smoked salt. If you're oriented towards a cheeseburger, try a smoked maple cheddar or a smoked cheese of your preference. An extra sharp white cheddar would also be delicious. This burger is great with no bun and a little side salad, but if you're up for complete decadence, try a brioche bun (what we affectionately termed "butter-bread" at Portalis). Top it with lettuce (Romaine or iceberg for crunch) and a slice of Heirloom tomato & Walla Walla sweet onion.

Rosé, rosé, rosé! Enjoy our new Casa Satoro Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Rosato (while there's still some left) or a French classic (Chateau Barbanau I'Instant Rosé) or enjoy a local selection (Tranche Cellars Rosé). A well-made rosé is fruity and refreshing (meaning good acidity) and pairs well with most meals!

Prefer a red wine? It's hot, so go with a more medium-bodied wine with more fruit and fewer tannins. Try our new arrival: Palazzo Malgara Negroamaro (from Sicily) or Domaine de Mougin Vin de Pays Rouge (from Languedoc) or an Oregon Pinot would also be lovely (try: Evening Land Pinot Noir "Blue Label" -- well-priced & delicious).

Don't overlook the bubbly -- refreshing, low-alcohol, and depending on what you get, well-priced. Try one of our cavas! Dry & festive: Maset (na) Cava Reserva or Maset del Lleo Cava Brut

And then there's alwasy beer...

Enjoy & Happy Fourth!
Chef Tracey

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