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We are now located at: 6754 15th Ave NW
That’s on the southeast corner of
15th Ave NW & 70th Street, across from
Brunswick & Hunt & down the
street from The Fat Hen, Delancey,
Essex & Honoré Bakery and caddy
corner from Grumpy D's Coffeehouse.

Our Ballard Ave Wine Bar
closed at the end of 2014.
It's was a great 12 year run! Tribute>

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Shop Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 11am to 7pm
Sunday: 11am to 5pm
Monday: closed

6754 15th Ave NW
Seattle WA 98117




Food + Wine 

Food & Wine (& Beer!): All About the Bock!                  

It’s Spring and guess what’s brewing in the beer world?  The brew that is produced around Easter and Christmas, this style of beer is found worldwide.  These strong lagers are great beers to celebrate with or enjoy as the weather slowly warms up.
Here is the low down on styles.

Bock bier: light copper to amber notes of malty and toast hints of alcohol but no detectable hops or fruit.  Sometimes caramel  •    Schlenkerla Smokebeer Urbock
Doppelbock: Double bock also known as liquid bread for the Friars during fasting periods.  This strong brew is dark gold to dark brown with creamy richness, malt, toast and a chocolate and fruit aroma.  •    Ayinger double bock
Maibock: a light colored lager is called helles in German and dark is called dunkel.  The Maibock is also known as helles bock or heller bock as it is lighter in color with more hop notes, subtle spice undertones and medium to low alcohol.  It can be a light amber.  Mai is May in German, and this brew is traditional produced and consumed in May.  Hence Maibock.
Eisbock: Eis means ice in German and this bock is a dopplebock in which water is removed by partially freezing the brew during the process.  It is a deep copper to dark brown with higher alcohol content.  Noticeable aromas of dried fruit0 prunes, raisins, plums and toast, chocolate with an excellent texture.

We currently have over FORTY different beers in our beer cooler and it’s growing.
International and local varieties.

Enjoy & cheers!
Jaci Kajfas
Sommelier & Food+Wine Writer

Events at Portalis
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Apr 23   Mystery Grape ~ 5-7pm
Apr 24   Weekly Tasting: Luck of the Draw
Apr 25   Weingut Prechtl (Austria)
Apr 26   1851 Cellars (WA State) 
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Mother's Day Wine Gift Ideas ...suggestions for all the mothers out there!

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Portalis Wines News

Beyond the Glass Wine shops are now acting as social centers, schools, restaurants, even travel agencies, offering far more than just free tastings.
Published on Dec 2, 2010
The Portalis Wine Shop + Wine Bar in Seattle offers customers three-course dinners, art shows and tastings.


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