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In the PNW, we are blessed to have mushrooms pretty much all year round!  Flavors vary greatly, and it is wise to only hunt with experts.  Enjoy these local mushrooms that are in season now (Fall!) with their accompanying recipes.  -- Jaci

Oyster  (pictured above)
Palazzo Malgara Nero d'Avola (Sicily, Italy) -- Reg. $14.99 | INSIDER $13.99 | Mixed Case 20% off $11.19 -- Blue currants and figs with a mild body, soft acidity and whimsical herbal undertones. Enjoy with Oyster Mushroom Chowder

Fairy Ring 
Ozilhan Reserve Blanc (Southern Rhône, France) Reg. $13.99 | INSIDER $12.99 | Mixed Case $11.19 -  Ripe golden apples, fresh lemon citrus, minerality and lushness.  Pair with Capellini with Fairy Ring Sauce

Shaggy Mane
Domaine Allégret Laudun (Southern Rhône, France)  Reg. $15.99 | Mixed Case $12.59 -- Bright cherries with hillside herbs, white peppercorn, soft tannins and tart acidity.  Kill it with a Shaggy Mane Quiche   

5 Oros Seleccionada (Rioja, Spain) -- Reg. $14.99 | INSIDER $13.99  | Mixed Case 20% off $11.19 -- 100% Garnacha. Aromas of cedar, ripe blackberry with bold, dark cherry flavors with spicy tannins and hints of chocolate.  Turn up the spice:  The Prince Tapas

Shaggy Parasols
Nottola Vino Nobile di Montepulciano (Tuscany, Italy) -- Reg. $26.99 | Mixed Case 20% off $21.59 --  Baked cherries with layers of leather, sun cooked earth, dried hillside herbs of sage and tarragon.  Pair with Mushroom Potato Kugel

Barrows Bolete
Weingut Prechtl “Satzen” Zweigelt (Weinviertel, Austria ) -- Reg.$17.99 | INSIDER $16.99 | Mixed Case $13.59 -- 100% Zweigelt, an indigenous Austrian grape varietal. With blackberries on the nose, and cherries & spices on the palate, it’s full of fruit, velvety, plump & easy to drink. Enjoy with Bavarian Mushroom Soup with Dumplings

Birch Bolete
Château Moulin de Launay Entre-Deux-Mers (Bordeaux, France) -- Reg. $15.99 | Mixed Case 20% $12.59 -- Lemon lime citrus with olive oil, marjoram and depth.  Birch Bolete Parmesan Soup with Summer Vegetables

Blewit (pictured below)
Alves de Sousa Vale da Raposa Branco (Douro, Portugal) -- Reg. $15.99 | Mixed Case $12.79 -- A rich, dynamic white! Apple skin, peach flesh, dabs of olive oil, with hints of lemon citrus peel. Silky body, balanced with refreshing acidity.  Blewits and Peas

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