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Tuesday - Thursday: 3pm to bar close
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5205 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle WA 98107



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Food + Wine 

Food & Wine: Classic French ~ Tarte Flambée!                       

We’ve had French-style, thin-crust pizzas on the menu here for years, changing the toppings every few weeks to reflect the season.  I was visiting recently with Chef Tracey and she told me that her original inspiration for this dish was one of her favorite home meals when she was in culinary school. Called Flammküchen, it’s a classic Alsatian dish with béchamel, caramelized onions, ham & Gruyere served on a homemade, buttery pastry dough that’s very thin & crispy.   With both French and German spoken in this region of (now) France, the French version of the same dish is Tarte Flambée, which translates as a flame cake or a tart baked in flames as it was originally baked in a wood oven.

This dish is fresh and easily and always paired well with a multitude of wines. Chef Tracey’s current offerings are:

TARTE FLAMBÉE veal meatballs, marinara, smoked mozzarella & grana $17 | Castelfeder 2011 Lagrein "Rieder" $9.50

 crimini mushrooms, bunapi mushrooms, brie & roasted garlic $16 | Domaine de La Croix Bouquie 2010 Rosé $8.50

Cheers to simple, fresh, good food & a delicious glass of wine to go with!

Chef's Corner
Chef Tracey Stoner Crannell 
Chef Tracey trained at the Baltimore International Culinary College and has been chef at restaurants from Captiva Island, Florida, to Nashville to Seattle.  But the bigger the kitchen, the further removed the chef gets from actually preparing the food that you eat.  When she joined the Portalis Wine Bar team in September 2007, she returned to her basic love of cooking in what her chef husband calls her “dollhouse” kitchen.  There she took on the task of expanding our menu so that our customers would view us as a place to eat dinner while drinking their delicious glass of wine instead of just a place to have a snack.  She has exceeded our expectations … and we think our customers’ as well.



Events at Portalis
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Apr 22   Varietals A-Z: Primitivo
Apr 23   Varietals A-Z:
Apr 23   Wednesday: No Corkage!
Apr 24   Varietals A-Z: Riesling
Apr 26   Saturday: Torre Gajo
Apr 26   Saturday: Dinner at Portalis
              3-courses | menu changes weekly
Apr 27   Sunday: Alpha Loire
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Artist Wall 

New work by local Ballard artist Nancy Stentz. Stop by for a sip & a look! Show runs thru April 2014.


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Beyond the Glass Wine shops are now acting as social centers, schools, restaurants, even travel agencies, offering far more than just free tastings.
Published on Dec 2, 2010
The Portalis Wine Shop + Wine Bar in Seattle offers customers three-course dinners, art shows and tastings.


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