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Food + Wine 

Food and Wine Pairings With Holiday Favorites

Here's a lovely little article from Wine Folly. The pictures say it all, but here's the article in full if you prefer words! We'll be featuring these pairings every Thursday through the end of the year to dream about the food, taste the wine and talk about why the pairings work!



Events at Portalis
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This week's 
tasting schedule:
Dec 12   Give a Guess!
Dec 13   Schnäppchen Tasting
Dec 14   Food+Wine Pairing Ideas
Dec 15   Holiday Port & Sherry Tasting
Dec 16   Special Guest -- Darby English
Dec 17   Gift Wines from France
Portalis Wine Club
Two clubs to choose from: Portalis Explores! (budget) & Portalis Wine Club (no holds barred). Makes a wonderful gift!

Check out the monthly wine notes: Portalis Explores! | Portalis Wine Club
Gift Ideas at Portalis

Wine Gifts for the Holidays

Not beer, but Finnriver Cider!

Portalis Wine Blog
11.29.2017 Holiday Picks -- 2017!!



Portalis Wines News
Press Release: May 3, 2016
SIP Northwest - Spring 2016: 10 Seafaring Locales to Sip Into by Julia Wayne


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