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Finnriver Cider

I am admittedly not a cider fan- even being GF!  Past experiences of the super sweet, still haunt me- however, I (and Jens) have run up against a bounty of great ciders that warrant plenty of praise. There is the yeasty uber-dry, French ciders from Normandy and beyond, the ultra ripe ciders from North America, and the cult-ish brands that the PNW is cultivating.
Finnriver is our select choice- 1) family farm 2) organic/sustainability 3) killer flavors like habanero and black currant (read more below).
Finn River's motto---> Not too far from our own. (We don't farm, but the rest is true).  
Black Currant Cider--  Exotic black currants layered with tart apples and soft dessert apples. An excellent pairing with hardy or dramatic cheeses; braised beef/pork sliders (not bbq).
Pear Cider--  Let's be honest.  Sometimes pears are kinda boring... if they are harvested too early it's like eating tree bark; too late- might as well add to oatmeal or a cocktail with heavy spirits. And I LOVE PEARS.  This cider is a beautiful balance. I would enjoy this with herbed goat cheese, pork (like saltimboca).
Dry Hopped Cider--  Citrus, field grass and summer apples... Yes, it reminds me of being home in Skagit Valley.  Though this is ultra dry with a nice rustic feel... Seattle, do you remember that rustic feel?
Habanero Cider--  For those that know me, I love my chiles. I love spice. This is not a disappointment for the kick. It is not, however, a ventilator (as we used to say at the old SFC Ravenna) XX (but not XXXX)  An excellent choice for mild foods- mild cheddars, Basque cheese and pulled pork or chicken- or my favorite. Tamales.
Always happy to hear about your favorite secrets. You can email me directly or to the shop: info @ portaliswines.com
Cheers! ( I miss you all so much!) 

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