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Join us weekdays (5-7pm) and weekends (12-4pm) to taste and learn about wine, the regions they come from and the people that produce them! Our weekly events are listed below. For more information on our services for Event Planners>


This week, join to taste: Pecorino... which also happens to be our Wine of the Month. Artisan wine from Abruzzo, Italy, this white is a luminous straw yellow. Floral with tree fruit notes on the nose. Flavors of delicate apple and pear fruit balanced with citrus. Hints of honey with a fresh, mineral roundness. Tasting runs 5-7pm.

Thursday, July 12 - FOOD+WINE // SUMMER SALADS
This week: Grilled Corn Salad – Don’t forget the cilantro! Pair with a lightly oaked Chardonnay (Bodegas Langa) or a fuller-bodied rosé: Ozilhan Réservé Côtes du Rhône RoséTasting runs 5-7pm. We'll have one of the 2 open. Whole list of summer salads & pairings?

Friday, July 13 - LUCK OF THE DRAW
Julie's covering the Friday tasting while Jens is in Australia! Join to taste a lineup to beat the weekend heat, including rosé and some refreshing whites. Maybe even some beer... TGIF!

Saturday, July 14 - DELICIOUS ODDITIES
Stop by to taste a lineup of summer grapes that you may have never heard of, much less tasted: Jacqueres, Pecorino, Ramato, Zweigelt & more. Fun! Tasting runs 12-4pm. Art credit: Mona Anastas, owner of Two Owls in Madrona.

Sunday, July 15 - WINES FOR SEAFOOD 
In honor of the Ballard Seafood Fest, stop by to taste a selection of world-class fish wines: Muscadet for light, flaky fish, Vermentino for medium flaky fish (e.g. trout), Viognier & Pinot Nero for richer fish (e.g. salmon). Tasting runs 12-4pm. Stop by. Here's the full Wine Folly article: Pairing Wine with Fish>  Photo credit: Mona Anastas, owner of Two Owls in Madrona.
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Two clubs to choose from: Portalis Explores! (budget) & Portalis Wine Club (no holds barred). Makes a wonderful gift!

Check out the monthly wine notes: Portalis Explores! | Portalis Wine Club

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Summer Salads with Wine Pairings...

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Featured brewer: Karlovacka (Croatia)

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